BC Housing - Licensed Residential Builders Portal

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  • 2. Company Contact
  • 3. Persons in Control
  • 4. Nominee for CPD
  • 5. Primary Contact
  • 6. Memberships
  • 7. Past Construction
  • 8. General Information
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Application for a Residential Builder Licence

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. For the primary contact and every individual who controls or is able to control the corporation, including all directors.
    • driver's licence
    • date of birth
    • contact information

  2. New homes completed by applicant over the preceding 36 months:
    • address
    • date of completion
    • role played in the construction
    • Registration or owner builder file numbers, if applicable
    • Number of units
  3. For applicants who will be doing business as a general contractor, proof of qualifications as follows:
    • Proof that the nominee(s) for the applicant have successfully completed a recognized training course in each of the seven core competency areas, and a single nominee has 24 months experience managing or supervising residential construction within the last five years; or
    • Confirmation that the applicant currently holds a licence in good standing with a qualified status.

Required fee:

A $600.00 fee will be payable once you complete the new licence application. You can pay by credit card online or by cheque, money order or cash.